Hypothyroidism and Ayurvedic perspective:

Hypothyroidism and Ayurvedic perspective:

It is a condition in which thyroid gland becomes sluggish or under active and fail to produce enough thyroid hormones.

Optimum level of Thyroid hormones are necessary to regulate body metabolism, hence in hypothyroidism there is metabolic dysfunction resulting in fatigue, anxiety, constipation , dry skin , brain fog and increased weight again.

In Ayurveda, hypothyroidism is considered as a dhatwagni Maandya vikara (especially rasa dhathu), the digestive fire is too low resulting in sluggish metabolism and there is kapha dosa vriddhi associated with vata dosa vitiation.

The basic protocol of treatment is kapha and Medo hara chikitsa along with agnidepanam. Ayurveda has wide range of internal medication (varanadi kashayam, hamsapadyadi kashayam, kanchanara guggulu, panchakola choornam, Amrita guggulu, shaddharanam choornam etc) that has the property to achieve the basic protocol of treatment( kapha-medo hara and Agni deepanam).

Ayurvedic procedures like Udwarthanam , Kaya abhyangam and kaya sekam helps in improving the peripheral circulation, aids in weight loss and improves overall metabolism. These procedures are found very effective in individuals suffering from hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidisam - Diet and lifestyle modification

Things to Include Things to Avoid

Include food rich in omega 3 eg fish, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds

Keep yourself hydrated. Ginger tea is good to improve metabolisam


Avoid vegetable belonging to cruciferous family (cabbage, cauliflower,raddish etc), also avoid underground tubers esp tapioca

Consume 2-3 FIGS daily, alsoovernight soaked almonds.

Avoid aerated drinks, coffee
Regular intake of nut (walnut, almonds, peanuts), fruits (berry family,banana,avacoda,papaya,guava,dates and watermelon) vegetable( gourd family,pumpkin,carrot,, include vegetable soups and salads in diet. Do not take oily food and reduce salt intake. Avoid refined sugar

Consume sprouted green grams

Avoid day Sleep

Consume cereals like wheat, oats,barley,unpolished rice.

Avoid maida product especially white breads

Switch to olive oil for cooking

Avoid milk and milk products

Obtain protein from eggs, grams and


Avoid junk food

 Consume overnight soaked fenugreek

Avoid red meat

Never skip meal.eat on time.

Reduce use of packed food

Practise pranayamas like kapalabhati, anulom-vilom and also excercises esp walking

Avoid food made of black gram