Ayurvedic Postpartum Care in Ajman

Post Partum Care in Ajman

To restore the mother's health and for the well-being of the child

  • Postpartum massage with medicated oils.
  • Medicated hot water bath (nalpmara, turmeric, laksha)
  • Post natal abdominal binding
  • Post delivery weight reduction treatment
  • Post natal back pain treatment
  • Baby massage with medicated oil and bath.
  • Marma chikitsa( fracture and dislocation management

This is a phase called “suthika period” in ayurveda. A special regime for the mother after delivery is recommended for this period to help in faster recuperation and restoration of the health of the mother. We aim in agni deepanam (to kindle the digestive fire), yoni sodhanam(proper cleansing of the vaginal tract) vata samana &vata anulomana ,stanya jananam (increasing breast milk production) veshtanam(abdominal wrapping). a pure balanced diet is recommended to avoid any deficiency. To calm the vitiated vata, warm medicated oil massage routine for the first 40 days is recommended. apart from massage, ayurvedic medicine & diet, We incorporate yoga to help mothers to lessen anxiety and avert postpartum depression.